Hack your OS

So what’s the biggest hack you can do on your Eee PC? Install a different OS! For a lot of people, using the Asus–customized Xandros Linux does feel like Windows but leaves out some of the things you need from Redmond’s OS. So the best solution would be to simply install Windows!

I run Windows XP on my Eee PC without problems and now able to do almost anything I can do with a normal laptop. Because of this, I can comfortably use the Eee PC when I’m working outside as it has the tools I need to get my work done.

Yes, Windows XP can work quite well on the Eee PC, just don’t expect to play graphic–intensive games or other tasks that require a much larger screen resolution.

If you browse the DVD that came with you Eee PC, you’d see Windows XP drivers for all devices. All you need is an external CD–ROM and your Windows XP install CD. We’ll walk you through the process in a future entry.

8 thoughts on “Hack your OS”

  1. hi, so is it feasible to install xp to a 2g asus? I don’t need to add much apps really, just windows xp…

  2. I would also know more about loading XP directly, so when you write the process for doing this can you email me?

  3. @meg: It can be done but you’d hardly have enough space left. And you need to install XP with the bare minimum of options.

    @Jim: Some users were able to install XP on a flash drive though the process isn’t straightforward at all. For normal use, I think it’s still better to use the SSD for your OS.

  4. I’ve seen some sites where they run down how to install XP on a flash drive. It looks more complex than I want to get into. I will wait to install directly on the eee PC.

  5. Jim, installing XP on a flash drive is possible but quite cumbersome. And since it wasn’t designed to be used on a flash drive anyway, I think sticking to the SSD should give you less problems. =)

  6. Is it possible? How Easy? is it to make for the EEE PC a dual-boot Xandros Linux and XP. I don’t have much love or need for XP unless for an occasional PC game. I do most of my work done on a Mac. I might buy an EEE PC and use it as a PDA.nn1nn1nn1nn1

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