Windows XP on the 9-inch Asus Eee PC

Windows XP on the 9-inch Eee PC.

In a previous entry, we mentioned replacing the default OS of your first generation Asus Eee PC to make it do more of your everyday computing needs. Seems like the Asus bosses heard us well!

Engadget reports that Microsoft and Asus have been working together for an Eee PC sporting Windows XP, even if the aging OS is scheduled to be discontinued soon. The idea of using Windows Vista has been rejected altogether. Reportedly, what might come next in the pipeline for future Eee PC models is Windows 7, which is still a few years away from now.

Buying a Windows–powered Eee PC will surely cost more, raising prices for products of the same market segment. Let’s just hope that all manufacturers of Eee–like devices continue to use various Linux flavors as the default OS and have Windows XP just as a special option. And let’s hope Microsoft fails trying to strong–arm them into using Windows XP exclusively, like they’ve been doing for the past decade.

Hacking the 9–inch Asus Eee PC

Second generation Asus Eee PC

Even before we could buy the recently announced 9–inch Asus Eee PC, I can’t help but think about the things we could do with this new model. The screen bezel should be pretty cramped now that they have an 8.9–inch LCD display in there. I guess hardware hack will now stay mostly under the chassis, just where the RAM slots are.

I’m pretty surprised and excited about this new model and seriously considering it, how about you?

Avoid the Asus Eee PC 2G Surf

If you’re buying an Eee PC with the intention of hacking it physically to add hardware modifications like extra storage or bluetooth dongles and the like, the 2G Surf model will make it harder for you because of the absence of the bottom access cover in the chassis. A photo in this review of the 2G Surf clearly shows this possible problem.

Aside from the physical restriction, the processor used is a slower Celeron–M 800 MHz running at 571 Mhz, unlike the 4G models with the 900@630 MHz processors. The 512 MB DDR2 ram is also soldered in place, so a quick memory upgrade is out of the question.

Get the 4G or 8G models instead and hack them to your heart’s content.

Hack your OS

So what’s the biggest hack you can do on your Eee PC? Install a different OS! For a lot of people, using the Asus–customized Xandros Linux does feel like Windows but leaves out some of the things you need from Redmond’s OS. So the best solution would be to simply install Windows!

I run Windows XP on my Eee PC without problems and now able to do almost anything I can do with a normal laptop. Because of this, I can comfortably use the Eee PC when I’m working outside as it has the tools I need to get my work done.

Yes, Windows XP can work quite well on the Eee PC, just don’t expect to play graphic–intensive games or other tasks that require a much larger screen resolution.

If you browse the DVD that came with you Eee PC, you’d see Windows XP drivers for all devices. All you need is an external CD–ROM and your Windows XP install CD. We’ll walk you through the process in a future entry.